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What Can PSL Page Builder Pro Deliver For You?

  • Enterprise Grade VDP - comparable to solutions costing $100,000+
  • Produce & Manage Complex Transactional Projects, vary content, page counts, manage white space
  • Access to the programming language delivers unlimited capability - Automate design and workflows
  • Multi-Core Processor Support - Supersonic Capable - Merge records at 60,000+ per minute
  • Flexible Licensing - Where you need it, when you need it, how much you need
  • No JavaScript required – need we say more?

PSL Page Builder Pro - Variable Data Publishing For the 21st Century

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Intuitive, Adaptive, Easy To Learn

PSL Page Builder’s design interface incorporates an intuitive and adaptive drag & drop design interface. Even with this easy to use design interface PSL Page Builder delivers advanced features and functionality!

No JavaScript Required


PSL Programming Language

When Drag & Drop is not enough, access the underlying programing language in order to,

  • Create custom applications that can be used by non-programmers
  • Automate workflows even in a “lights out” environment
  • Integrate with other best of breed solutions
  • Manage data and content automatically


Extremely Versatile Content Controls

  • Control what content goes on a page and/or what page to use for a given record. Control all manner of typesetting factors, what words or phrases from the data are placed where, which typesetting command invoked, background colors, or almost any other element.
  • All content and formatting options may be invoked manually or based on data.


Not A Plug-In

PSL Page Builder does not require a graphic design application such as inDesign™in order to render images and output. As a result PSL Page Builder delivers much greater flexibility, capacity and speed.

Design elements can be created in a graphic design application and imported or created dynamically. PSL Page Builder does not “choke” when processing larger amounts of variable or graphic elements. Merge speeds can exceed 50 times what a plug-in can deliver. Often more than 20,000 records per minute. Compare that to FusionPro® or XMPie.

Merge Jobs In Minutes Not Hours!

“Our mission of late has been to reduce the need for programming or code writing as much as possible by adding advanced functionality to the Wizard. As such, PSL Page Builder will deliver remarkable capability, ease of use and value”, Tom Crooks.

A word from Tom

"Tom, FYI... I'm now averaging at least two new VDP jobs a week with PSL Page Builder. The business is really growing".

Nancy Crandall

Jet Letter LLC


Speed, Speed and Now Super Sonic Speed With Multi-Core Processor Support

  • Run PSL Page Builder Pro on as many processors as your system supports
  • An Intel I7 chip delivers as 3.5 times the speed of a single core processor
  • Merge as many as 10,000 complex financial records per minute depending on your processor and hardware configuration


Financial Projects

  • Invoices and statements require data to be presented in tables. PSL Page Builder provides the ability to produce tables for transactional projects very quickly and easily!
  • Tables, Charts, Graphs Created from data or calculated data
  • Automated data management tools


Typesetting & Word Processing

Complete control of your text formatting. Includes comprehensive word processing functionality, and also goes farther with many advanced typesetting features. These commands can be applied globally, locally or dynamically as required


Dynamic Content Management (DCM)

  • Managing data and updates is a time consuming process. PSL Page Builder includes a Dynamic Content Management (DCM) tool to manage changes and updates globally or within a project. This not only saves time but also reduces errors and omissions.


Value Statements

Value Statements might be described as (the now famous) VDP Programing for Dummies. It provides limited logical capabilities without the need for complex coding. As such, it delivers flexibility and sophistication to a project


Bar Codes

Includes all standard bar codes including IMB and QR   codes.  Bar codes are created natively not through a font which avoids potential issues with the bar code being truncated. Bar codes can also be created using a random number generator and counters in order to produce raffle tickets and such. All popular barcodes included.

Easily include PURL’s in your campaigns.


Address Box

USPS Postal Regulations require specific formatting requirements for the address of anything entered into the mail stream. PSL Page Builder’s Address Box applies those requirements to every address automatically.  IMB in the correct location, etc.



  • Print multiple images on each sheet to maximize productivity. The N-Up layout function gives you total control when printing more than one image per sheet. Projects can be outputted in zip sorted order. PSL Page Builder even supports “Dutch Cut” layouts (odd number of images per sheet).
  • Imposition is done automatically within PSL Page Builder and need not be managed by the RIP. The layout can be as simple or as detailed as needed. Cuts can be optimized. Bleeds, gutters and crop marks, margins can be controlled.
  • We Do Variable Data Booklets & Labels


No Size Limits

One page per document or hundreds. Ten documents or hundreds of thousands. A few variables or hundreds. PSL Page Builder is not constrained with size limits as are many of its competitors. PSL Page Builder chews up data without choking on it.

The bigger the job the more you'll love PSL Page Builder's speed and performance.


Condition Manager

  • The Condition Manager is another means to add variable pages to a PDF (output) file.  This is an easy way too select which page is to be printed based on a “compound statement” easily generated in the dialog box to the right.
  • Very handy for comingling jobs.
  • Another way to program without coding.



  • Online and live phone support and on-site training are available.
  • Sales training is available to help you grow.
  •  Immediate access to top level development (not some “list”). Upgrades are included with annual support. 
  • Annual Update Support Service NOT required in order to maintain a license.
  • Professional services are available to all PSL Page Builder users - we do charge for them.


$12,500 - Own It Forever

Perpetual License does NOT require annual support

  • Flexible licensing options are also available - run a single seat on more than one workstation
  • Multiple seat discounts are available

Just starting out with VDP? Consider our more affordable options.

  • PSL Page Builder $2,495
  • PSL Page Builder Plus $5,995


Charts & Graphs

Charts and graphs are often essential to transactional projects. PSL Page Builder creates dynamic charts and graphs without the need to import them from Excel. Not only does this speed up the process it allows for greater flexibility in the design as charts can be color coded, with full shading and perspective, and presented in any number of formats

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